WE are a GRADUS Distributor
WE offer Terminator services
About the Company Eugene Roberto & Associates Samples of marine installations of high grade flooring. Samples of Commercial installations of high grade flooring. Servies Eugene Roberto offers.

Did we mention that Eugene Roberto & Associates are Florida's only distributor of GRADUS Trim & Stair nosing products.

We can order whatever you are looking for from GRADUS, such as safety stair nosings, carpet trims, etc...

GRADUS offers the best in terms of safety, performance and aesthetics with the widest choice of insert materials to suit varying applications and conditions.

The type of building, volume of traffic and the type of floor covering will determine the correct stair edging to be used. The environment within the building and the immediate surrounding area will determine the type of insert material required. For more information on this please contact us.


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